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If you dislike carrying firewood up from the basement and through the house and hate cleaning up wood chips afterwards, the Woodwaiter is the ideal solution for you!


With it's rugged construction, simple installation and built-in safety features, the WoodWaiter is an efficient woodlift for moving firewood from the basement to floor level.
  • moves wood, groceries or other inanimate objects from basement to floor level
  • runs quietly
  • is built to handle standard 16'' or 24'' wood
  • is labour saving
  • is key operated and relay controlled
  • is locked securely when the key is removed
  • can be set at any convenient loading height
  • can be installed in any house with sufficient clearance
  • has a built-in circuit breaker that will automatically stop the unit if overloaded or jammed
  • can be installed simply by the home handyman or handywoman
  • no special tools required
  • is shipped tested and assembled
  • the 4 sides of the wood box could be made out of sheet metal for lifting pellets or other loose materials
  • the woodwaiter hangs from floor joists and is not attached to the basement floor
  • CSA approved in Canada and United States
  • warranted for 5 years.

WB FOWLER Testimonials

""Just writing to say thank you and Merry Christmas. We bought a woodwaiter in 1998, self-installation was idiot-proof and I have blessed it..."
- Mike Cole-Hamilton

" "After having brought up another load of wood, I just thought I'd take a minute to send a note of thanks… this is one of the coolest..."
- John Holden

" "We’ve used our Woodwaiter steadily through the longest and coldest Vermont winter in our experience, and it hasn’t failed us!..."
- Deborah Krasner

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